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BMW as popular for car, its popularity remains the same as BMW Motorcycles. As a 2011 new offering BMW Motorcycles introduced the sibling of the GS family the BMW G650. The G650 is into 600 cc category which is in between the 250 cc and the mighty 1000 cc motorcycles. The G650 plays a dual role; it’s a street as well as an off roader. Apart from its dual function the motorcycle pleases motorcycle enthusiasts with BMW’s German engineered single cylindered engine.

Lets look at, what the engine has to offer.

With 652 cc on the displacement the engine generates 48 horsepower at 6500 rpm and 44 lb ft of torque churns at 5000 rpm. If you think that is too much of power for daily commuting, the G650 when equipped with a special accessory generates less power; 34 horsepower at 6500 rpm and 34 lb ft of torque at 4500 rpm.

The engine is well tuned to give the best out of it. The electronic fuel injection twin spark plugs works well, that generates more horsepower keeping the fuel injection low. Also the bike is equipped with catalytic converter which ensures low emission. All of the torque generation on the BMW G650 is taken to the rear wheel through 5 speed gear box.

The suspension and the chassis are similar work that’s found on BMW F650gs. Suspension on the front is telescoping forks and the rear has monoshock suspension that is linked with a liver. The handling is just unmatchable as it gives a zippy ride through city roads. The suspension are tuned accordingly as it has to work well on the street and off-it playing a dual role. BMW motorcycles ensure every ride a thrilling one as it has safety add-ons, ABS which comes as a factory fitted equipment. ABS can be de-activated when enjoying the bike on off-road.

Color offering is typical BMW GS style. The 2011 BMW G650 GS is completely redesigned that makes the ride sporty and agile.BMW F650gs is also a combo bike that is between a sport bike and a tourer. Simply means the F650 adds the performance of a sport bike to a tourer.

It is possible to take the children along with you. You ask how? Bicycle trailers will be your answer! The other solution is to apply the front or rear seat. Many experts think that bicycles trailers are more reliable rather than seats.

And the latest, that I have already discussed the G650GS. This was the very first motorcycle from BMW to have a single cylinder and a chain to drive the wheel. The Funduro and the Strada was offered from 1993 to 2001 and 2000 onwards came the F650GS and the F650GS Dakar.

Over the years BMW motorcycles improved the ergonomics and handling and the work is found best in the BMW F650gs Dakar.

F650GS is offered with low profile seat and lower seat height is offered as a no cost option. To make the bike feel lighter and smaller the tank is under the seat that reduces the center of gravity. The performance figures is identical to the above discussed G650 as the F650 also comes with 652 cc engine with twin spark plug and catalyst that ensures low emission meeting the Euro2 emission requirement.



Bultaco Motorcycles, Bultaco Sherpa S, Bultaco Alpina


The company backs to May 1958 when its founder Bulto started the motorcycle manufacturing company. Bulto was in the management of Montesa Motorcycle that was founded in 1944. Montesa was pushed with great success in racing and in 1957 the company decided to shift to a larger manufacturing facility. The move was taken on the wrong time as the Spanish economy at that time was facing a down turn.

The company was making business majorly from its race team. The economic down turn brought disagreements between the senior director and Bultaco. Having a major stake in the company senior director Pere Permanyer decided to discontinue company’s racing program. Bultaco opposed to this decision and finally decided to leave. Soon after Bultaco left, the company’s other members who were in the race department also left.

The race team from the Montesa was highly capable and wanted to do something to keep racing. Once in a meeting they called Bulto along with several racing staff. A team of ex-Montesa employees along with Bulto stated a company in old farm that was owned by Bulto. Later in the month of March 1959 Bultaco called for a press and launched their first road bike Bultaco Tralla 101 that was a 125cc motorcycle. The Tralla was named after a Spanish which means whiplash.Bultaco Sherpa S is an updated version of the Bultaco Sherpa. The Sherpa was first introduced in 1970. The Sherpa design was an input by Sammy Millers.

This 250 cc two stoke was far better than previous models. The engine was made lighter, excellent handling and was powerful. The early and basic models of the Bultaco Sherpa were with four speed transmission. In later years the Bultaco Sherpa was offered with 5 speed gear box, new engine came from San Antonio and new chassis were installed. Than came Bultaco Sherpa S in 1971. the new Sherpa S was with better handling and also was one of the best to have reasonable road manners in the last years of the sixties. Later the motorcycle was offered with Kit Campeon that makes the bike easily maneuverable.

Americans in early seventies showed lots of interest in trail riding as their favorite pass time. Bultaco Motorcycles soon released that they should manufacturing some thing that will meet the needs of trail bikes.

The manufacturer felt the need to produce a trial bike and hence they came up with Bultaco Alpina a 250cc trail motorcycle that very quickly established its ground n the trail bike segment.

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Published on June 13 2016

There are many ways to treat this painful foot problem. In the initial stages, Morton’s Neuroma is treated mildly by simply padding and taping the foot to disperse weight away from the neuroma. Related des In cases where the patient is seen to have a ‘flat feet’, an arch support is added on. This form of treatment is known as the conservative treatment.

The doctor may further advise the patient to rest the foot or change the type of shoes that are being worn. Any shoe with a raised heel should be avoided as it puts additional pressure on the front toes. A regular ice massage may also be prescribed to help reduce the pain. Some doctors even prescribe calf-stretching exercises to help patients to recover faster.

Under the conservative treatment, if the patient is in extreme pain, they are administered a dose of local anesthesia to help relieve the pain. Then if there is some amount of inflammation as well, the patient can be given corticosteroid to reduce it. The other option of treatment is using alcohol sclerosing injections. This will help to harden the nerve and relieves pain instantly the majority of the time. The treatment is continued by giving injections every 7-10 days. In most cases, 4-7 injections may be needed at the maximum.

Some doctors use a combination therapy combining the alcohol with corticosteroid to treat the nerves in two different ways. In extreme cases where the above treatments show no results with related disease - acoustic neuroma. In this case the patient may be advised to undergo acoustic neuroma surgery. Here again there are two options. There is the dorsal approach, where they enter trough the top of the foot. There is also the plantar approach, where the incision is made at the bottom of the foot. It is better to consult your doctor about the pros and cons of each one of these treatments and then select the one that suits you best.Leave a ReplyClick here to cancel reply.

Neuroma Treatment

Neuroma Treatment

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Published on March 31 2015

Patients presenting with neurologic symptoms have a better prognosis than those presenting with liver disease. None of our patients died; two required liver transplantation. In Brewer's series (Brewer et al 1992), 2 out of 54 patients died due to complications which were attributed to their impaired neurologic function.

Neurologic symptoms are partly reversible. Improvement of neurologic symptoms occurs gradually over several months. Initially, neurologic symptoms may worsen, especially on treatment with D-penicillamine.

In some patients neurologic symptoms disappear completely, and abnormalities documented by evoked responses or MRI may completely resolve within 18-24 months.

Ten of our patients were followed prospectively for 5 years after diagnosis. Brain function was assessed by repeated recording of short latency sensory potentials, auditory brainstem potentials and cognitive P300 evoked potentials. Electrophysiologic and clinical improvement was observed as early as 3 months after initiation of chelation therapy and continued until final assessment after 5 years. Three patients became completely normal but residual symptoms were detectable in seven.
Neurologic Disease

Such permanent deficits are unlikely to be improved by liver transplantation.

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Published on March 15 2015

If diagnosed and treated early, hemolysis subsides within a few days after initiation of D-penicillamine therapy. Spontaneous remissions may occur even without treatment but relapse usually within few months. Hemolysis associated with active liver disease may progress rapidly to fulminant Wilson disease.

Hemolytic Anemia

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Published on March 13 2015

For getting the best service from the melamine plates you need to use the real melamine. Otherwise you will not get the advantageous effectiveness of the melamine. But the question of the most of the persons is how do I know if my plates are melamine? The question is quite natural as there are many fake or bad companies those are producing duplicate melamine plates. As the popularity of the melamine plates is very high, and it is increasing with time. Some companies are taking the advantage of this popularity and selling duplicate melamine plates. If one uses duplicate melamine plates, it will not fulfill the purpose of using a melamine plate. He/ she will not be benefited with the effectiveness those the person expected from those plates. For that reason you need to use the original melamine plates always.

Why you need to use real melamine plates?

People do not use melamine plates without any reason. There are many important causes behind it. There are also some reasons behind the popularity of the melamine plates. Those plates are made with organic ingredients and for that there is no chance of any harmful effect from those dishes. You can get the melamine dishes in any shape and any design. Another important feature of the melamine plates is its break free nature. The melamine plates are not breakable, so, you get long lasting plates to use. The most important feature of the melamine plates is that it is heat or fire resistant. This the most effective feature of the melamine dishes. And for that the usefulness of those plates gets boosted, as you can use it in the microwave too, without any harm. There is no chance of burning or scratching on those plates. For that the people questions- how do I know if my plates are melamine? As they want to get the most effective service from the real melamine plates.

How you can identify real melamine plates?

How do I know if my plates are melamine? Perhaps it is the most uttered question. Because people are worry for getting the real melamine dishes, and there are many fake in the market. If you have the same question how do I know if my plates are melamine? You need to follow some tips. Look about the surface of the plate. The real melamine plates will be in various shape or design. You will get the real melamine plates in various colors. Another major sign of real melamine plates is its durability. Besides those the heat and fire resistant quality can give the answer of the question- how do I know if my plates are melamine?

Always use the real or authentic melamine plates for getting the most effective service because you can’t get the proper service what you get from the real melamine. The fake melamine dishes also can be very harmful for use too. Use those tips to find the real melamine, and also to get the most effective features.

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Published on February 28 2015

Untreated, symptomatic Wilson disease progresses to death in all patients. The majority of patients will die of complications of advanced liver failure, some of progressive neurologic disease. The overall mortality from Wilson disease treated medically (in most cases by D-penicillamine) has not been assessed prospectively.

The mortality in 33 patients followed for 21 years by Scheinberg Sternlieb (1987) was approximately 20%. This figure is close to the cumulative mortality in 69 Austrian patients. In this group there was a substantial early mortality due to liver failure within the first 2 months after diagnosis.

Only two patients died during the follow-up, one of them developed liver failure after a 2-year period of non-compliance. About an equal number of patients with severe liver failure survived following orthotopic liver transplantation. In a German study in 51 patients the cumulative survival was slightly reduced during the early period of follow-up but was not different from an age-and sex matched control population after 15 years of observation (96%).

Liver disease

In general, prognosis depends on the severity of liver disease at diagnosis. In patients without cirrhosis or with compensated cirrhosis, liver disease does not progress after initiation of decoppering therapy. Liver function improves gradually and liver function parameters (serum albumin, prothrombin time) will become normal in most patients within 1 to 2 years.

Wilson Disease Prognosis

In compliant patients treated with D-penicillamine or trientine, liver function remains stable and no progressive liver disease is observed.

Schilsky et al (1991) followed 20 patients with Wilsonian chronic active hepatitis. Treatment with D-penicillamine was promptly initiated in 19 patients. One refused treatment and died 4 months later.

Wilson Disease Prognosis
Treated patients received D-penicillamine or trientine for a total of 264 patient-years (median: 14). In 18 patients, symptomatic improvement and virtually normal levels of serum albumin, bilirubin, aspartate aminotransferase and alanine aminotransferase followed within 1 year. One woman died after 9 months of treatment.

Two patients, who became non-compliant after 9 and 17 years of successful pharmacologic treatment, required liver transplants.

In patients presenting with fulminant Wilson disease, medical treatment is rarely effective. Without emergency liver transplantation, mortality is very high. In a group of 34 patients, a prognostic index based on serum bilirubin levels, aspartate aminotransferase activity, and prothrombin time was developed. A score 7 was always associated with death.

However, this prognostic score has not been validated prospectively. Nevertheless, it is a useful guide to assess short-term mortality in the setting of liver transplantation.

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Published on February 17 2015

Controversy over prescribing penicillamine in pregnant patients exists due to its possible teratogenic effects. Rare cases of birth defects including hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy have been reported in patients treated with penicillamine for a variety of diseases.
Drug Therapy During Pregnancy

However, the overall teratogenic risk of penicillamine is low and there is general support for continuing treatment throughout pregnancy to avoid the risk of relapse in the mother, although the optimal dosage of penicillamine is not known. Trientine appears to be an alternative to penicillamine with no reported teratogenic effects, but the experience with this drug is limited.

The use of zinc in pregnancy has not been associated with any fetal abnormality and possibly has a protective effect from some birth defects. The limited experience with zinc or trientine in pregnancy does not justify a change in drug therapy during pregnancy.

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Published on January 31 2015

Patients with Wilson disease wishing to become pregnant should be seen prior to conception for assessment of their hepatic function and copper status. Patients who are copper overloaded or who have esophageal varices should possibly avoid or delay pregnancy. Patients on well-established therapy should continue with this treatment through the pregnancy and compliance with treatment must be emphasized to the patient.

Assessment Prior To Pregnancy

If the patient has been decoppered, it is prudent to reduce the dose of penicillamine to 500 mg daily. Reducing the dose of penicillamine amongst patients who are not decoppered, however, places the patient at risk of neurologic and hepatic compromise and trientine should be considered as an alternative treatment.

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Published on January 31 2015

Sinus infection or sinusitis is a very common infection. It may last for less than three months up to several months. Acute sinusitis usually lasts for a few weeks only, but chronic sinusitis can bother you for months. Some of the most common symptoms of sinus infection are congestion, runny noise, facial pressure or pain, watery eyes, decreased sense of smell, and fever.

Experts agree that sinus infection should be left to heal on its own. However, some people believe that taking antibiotics for sinus infection can be helpful. Well, this can also be true since lots of doctors prescribe antibiotics to their patients who suffer from this condition. So what antibiotics can you take if you have sinus infection?

Amoxicillin is perhaps the most common antibiotic used to treat sinus infection. It is classified under penicillin, and doctors often use it as a first-line medication for sinus infections. It has been in existent for a very long time, and its effectiveness has been tested. Compared to other antibiotics, it has the least number of side effects.

Also, amoxicillin is considered to be generally safe for everyone, except for those who are allergic to penicillin and have been diagnosed with mononucleosis. Then again, for the past few years, a lot of bacteria have also developed resistance to this antibiotic. Hence, amoxicillin may or may not be effective for you.

Augmentin is also one of the antibiotics for sinus infection. It is actually a combination antibiotic that contains clavulanate and amoxicillin. Doctors usually prescribe it to patients with severe infections, in which bacteria are resistant to amoxicillin. Then again, certain types of bacteria, such as MRSA, have also developed resistance to augmentin.

Bactrim is another combination antibiotic that you can use. It contains sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim. This medication is not that popular, though. In general, doctors do not prescribe this antibiotic as often as other medications. Nonetheless, it can be effective in treating sinus infection since it can kill bacteria, such as MRSA.

Furthermore, you can try azithromycin. This antibiotic is also referred to as Zithromax, and classified under macrolides. Doctors usually prescribe this antibiotic to patients with sinus infections for a five-day treatment course. In addition, this antibiotic is usually chosen by patients who experience allergic reactions to penicillin.

See to it that you consult your doctor and ask what antibiotics are ideal for you. Before you take antibiotics for sinus infection, make sure that your body will not have a negative reaction to it.

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Published on January 17 2015

Canker sores are called also apthous ulcers, which are the small and shallow lesions, develop on soft tissues, in one’s mouth, sometimes we can see canker sore on lip . It is not like the cold sores, rather canker sores have no tendency to occur on the lips, and it is also not contagious. The victim feels irritation for this, sometimes it is painful too and the victim feels difficulty in talking or eating. Usually the canker sores are not too much risky, it goes away automatically in one week or two. But if one feels too much pain and feels that it is not general cankers then the victim should go to the physicians. Physicians can examine that and guide the victim in proper way.

Symptoms of Cankers

Most of the time the Cankers sores grow in oval or round shape, with yellow or white center, and with a reddish border. They can occur inside the mouth, under or on the tongue, inside cheeks, on the soft palate, even sometimes canker sore on lip; at the base of the gums etc. The victim can feel a burning or tingling sensation, before appearing the sores.

The sores are classified in different types, according to their nature. They are-

The Major Canker sores- the less common sores

  • These are with irregular edges
  • These are deeper and larger than the minor canker sores
  • These can take up to six weeks to be removed

The Minor Canker sores- the most common cankers

  • These are oval shaped
  • Usually they are small
  • Can be removed in seven or fourteen days, without scarring

The Herpetiform Canker sores- these canker sores generally occur later, in life

  • These are sized like pin point
  • These have no regular edges
  • Generally occurs in clusters, often in ten to hundred scores
  • Remove in seven to fourteen days, without scaring

Causes of this disease

The scientists have not found any clear causes for these diseases, but they have suspected that several factors can be responsible for Canker sore on lip. Here are some possible reasons of developing Canker sores.

  • The toothpaste or mouth rinses those are contained with sodium lauryl sulfate
  • Injury during the dental work, rough brushing, acidic or spicy foods, sports mishaps, cheek bite etc.
  • Lack of iron, vitamin B- 12, zinc or folic acid
  • Some times in food sensitivities, mainly for chocolate, coffee, eggs, strawberries, cheese, nuts, and high acidic foods like pineapple
  • Allergic response for some certain bacteria into the mouth
  • Hormonal shifts in female, during the menstruation
  • Attack of helicobacter, this is the same bacteria that causes peptic ulcers
  • The emotional stress

There are also some other reason those cause Canker sores. Sometimes from bacterial attack, canker sore on lip. Generally there is nothing to tension for this disease, but sometimes this small Canker sores can be so painful. All the time the victim needs to consult a doctor; this should not be neglected, as Canker sores can be dangerous sometime.

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